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On-Ride Toolkit

Topeak Hexus X.jpg
Topeak Hexus X Multi-Tool (includes chain breaker)

I like this multi-tool because it's compact while still having hex wrenches long enough for everything on my bike.  My favorite feature is the chain-breaker, because it functions by using a hex on one of the included tire levers to turn the tool's pin.  This gives the user so much better leverage for power and ease of use than the common integrated chainbreaker on many multi-tools.  

Included Tools: 2/2.5/3/4/5/6/8mm hex, Torx T15, T25, T30, Phillips screwdriver, 14/15G spoke wrench, chain hook, 2 tire levers, Presta core tool and chain tool

Lezyne Hand Pump 2_edited.jpg
Lezyne Hand Pumps

Lezyne handpumps are small and compact when not in use, but provide enough volume to be efficient when doing an on-ride fix.  The best feature in my opinion is the flex hose, so you're able to use the handpump without putting any strain on the valve.  The one pictured is their Pocket Drive HV, but they have quite a few models with these same qualities.  

They are compatible with both presta and schraeder valves.

Lezyne Hand Pump_edited.jpg
MucOff Chuck_edited.jpg
Lezyne Chuck_edited_edited_edited.jpg
CO2 Inflator

It is so fast to inflate a tire with a CO2 chuck, and if you're running tubeless, a CO2 will reseat a tubeless tire while a handpump would not.  Avoid the plastic ones, but otherwise I don't have a particular reason to prefer one over another.  Some are tiny, so take up very little room in your pack, while some have a storage space for a cartridge.  Learn to use it before you need it on a ride.

Maxxis Ultralight Bicycle Tube 29.webp
Maxxis Ultralight Bicycle Tube 27.5.webp
Maxxis Ultralight Bicycle Tube.png
Maxxis Ultralight Tube

Carry one of these in your kit whether you're running tubes or tubeless, just in case! 

Marketed as "racing tubes", I actually like these for spare tubes.  They are lighter and take up less space than a typical tube. 

Pedros Tire Levers_edited.jpg
Pedros Tire Levers

You need tire levers you can depend on.  Many tire levers are narrow, so besides being a bit harder to use, they snap too easily on a tough tire.  I've used Pedros tire levers my entire biking career and have yet to see a better option.  They are wide and durable. 

Patch Kit.jpg
Patch Kit

I recommend the glue style patch kit over the peel-and-stick.  A glue style kit should include sand paper, rubber cement, and patches.  These type of patches are a permanent fix for a punctured tube and when applied correctly will last the life of the tube.  

Dynaplug Pill

For tubeless tire repair:

This will not only save your ride, but it'll save your tire too!  A quick and easy fix for a puncture on a tubeless tire that sealant alone can't seal. 

It's an instant fix that will last the life of your tire.  Easy to use, and small and light to fit in your pack easily and forget about until you need it.  

DynaPlug Pill_edited.jpg
Tire Boot Dollar.jpg
Tire Boot.jpg
Tire Boot

You really don't need anything fancy for a tire boot, a dollar bill works just fine or in a pinch I've even used a wrapper from a protein bar.  But you'll want to know you have something that will work if you need.  

 If your tire gets too big a gash, you'll need something to set between the tire and tube, so the tube doesn't bubble through the hole in the tire and pop.  When you get back from your ride, you'll need to replace the tire.

Masterlink Eagle.jpg

If your chain breaks on a ride, it's a simple fix as long as you have a master link.  You will need a master link that matches your chain, which is based on the number of gears you have on your rear cassette.  This works as a permanent repair and will last the life of the chain. These are generally interchangeable between brands.

You will need a chain breaker in order to be able to use the master link on a broken chain. 

Derailleur Hanger
derailleur hangers.jpg

The derailleur hanger is a piece that mounts to your bike frame, and the derailleur mounts to the hanger.

Get a spare before you need one.  Because there are hundreds, specific to each bike frame, no bike shop can carry every single one nor are they always available to order.

If you know how to take out your rear wheel and use an allen wrench, you will be able to replace your hanger.  If the derailleur hanger on your bike breaks or bends, you just swap it out; it fits like a puzzle piece.

First Aid

Carry what you think you'll need and know how to use.

Zip Ties.jpg
Zip Ties

Zip ties have hands down been the best emergency repair item I carry.  They have kept hanging cables in place, made a broken bottle cage usable, and even worked as a substitute for a broken shifter mount.  Carry a couple sizes.

Duct Tape_edited.jpg
Tape (Electric/Duct)

You don't need me to tell you how helpful electric and duct tape can be in a pinch!  My most creative use was to hold up a rider's knee pads, but there are countless ways these can save a ride.  You can carry a bit wrapped around your handpump or something, or just fold some to make a little roll.

Home Shop Tools

Toolbox Checklist
  • Rags & Lint-free Paper Towels
  • Metric Allen Wrench Set
  • Torx (star) Wrench Set
  • Tire Levers
  • For difficult road tires: Bead Jack
  • Tire Pump
  • #2 JIS Phillips Screwdriver
  • Small Flathead Screwdriver
  • Diagonal Cutters (dikes)
  • Needle Nose Pliers
  • Chain Lube
  • Dawn Dish Soap
  • If tubeless: Valve Core Remover and Tubeless Tire Sealant
  • Mountain Bikes: Shock Pump
(Not an exhaustive list, in no particular order and not everything is needed for every bike)
  • Bike Stand
  • Chain Wear Indicator
  • Chain Breaker
  • Cable Cutters
  • Metric Crescent Wrench Set (and/or Knipex parallel pliers)
  • Vise Grip Pliers
  • Pedal Wrench
  • Soft & Hard Face Hammer
  • Vise
  • Torque Wrench
  • Cassette Tool and Chain Whip
  • Dental Picks
  • Metric Socket Wrench Set
  • Spare Brake Pads
  • Spare Cables, cable tips, ferrules
  • 4th Hand Tool (aka Cable Puller)
  • Strong Magnet
  • Cleaning Brushes, Cassette Brush
  • Steel File
  • Sandpaper
  • Rotor Truing Tool
  • Spoke Wrench
  • Wheel Truing Stand
  • Tubeless Rim Tape
  • Q-Tips
  • Brake Bleed Kit & Oil
  • Rubbing Alcohol
  • Grease
  • Boeshield T-9
  • Carbon Paste
  • Finish Line Chill Zone Spray
  • PB Blaster
  • Blue Loctite
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